The game may crash or freeze for various reasons. Before contacting support, please check your internet connection. If your internet connection is stable and fast, try restarting your device. If restarting does not help, try reinstalling the application from the official store for your device (App Store, Play Market etc.). If these tips do not help you, contact our support service.
We understand how important privacy can be, and are committed to protecting it. If you'd like to read our Privacy Policy, please go to the "Privacy Policy" section in the bottom menu of the site.
Here at Ice Storm, we don’t process payments for in-app purchases, or have access to any of your credit card information. That’s because the payment transactions themselves are completed through Apple’s App Store or Google Play (depending on your device) via your personal email address associated with that account. Receipts for these transactions are emailed to you by Apple or Google after each purchase (though please note that any post-purchase processes are controlled by Apple or Google and are subject to change by them).
All of our games are free to download. Please note however that our games also offer entirely optional “in-app purchases”. These purchases are never required to play the game, but can be used to enhance some elements of gameplay. In-app purchases are paid for with real money, and are always clearly labeled as such. They’re accessible “in game”, meaning that the options to make a purchase are found within the game itself.Important: You can easily manage the ability to make in-app purchases, adjust password protection settings, or disable in-app purchases entirely through your mobile device’s general settings. The way to do this depends on whether you’re using an Apple iOS device, like an iPhone or an iPad, or a Google Android device. Either way, the instructions you need are here:Apple iOS device in-app settings / Google Android device in-app settings

If you have any questions - write to us!

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